Brooklyn Nets fans chant "MVP", give Russell Westbrook a standing ovation

Triple-double jeopardy

The Oklahoma City Thunder (38-29) defeated the lowly Brooklyn Nets (12-54) on the road Tuesday night at Barclays Center by a final score of 122-104.

Oladipo also played a great all-around game with 21 points and four steals while Taj Gibson and Enes Kanter each added 17 points of their own. "I made it very clear this morning that it was a key for us".

The Thunder is a Brooklyn native. "You're starting to see that whatever we're preaching is starting to be what it should look like, and we're seeing tangible evidence", Lin said. "I think they were just wearing on us on the boards".

Westbrook finished Wednesday's game with 25 points, 19 assists and 12 rebounds. Fans and analysts think that the team has really become competitive with Jeremy Lin at the point guard spot, per Brian Lewis of the New York Post. That's because they shared the same appreciation he had in Westbrook's game Tuesday night.

It won't be an easy task for him to accomplish, but seeing OKC faces only five projected playoff teams over its final 16 games, Westbrook definitely has a chance to cement himself in the National Basketball Association record books. He rebounded the ball, he scored when he needed to. "He put his fingerprints all over the game in so many ways different ways in my opinion". "Kenny's brother Mike and I worked together for a year at Kentucky". According to CBS Sports, Sean Kilpatrick suffered a left hamstring injury in the first half and he will undergo several tests to determine its severity.

- The Nets head to Manhattan to face the Knicks on Thursday. The Thunder have 15 games remaining to continue their postseason push.



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