Brexit could place 'huge burden' on UK Parliament

British Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger on March 29 the two years of complex negotiations over the UK's exit from the European Union, it was announced on Monday, nine months after the country voted to leave the bloc.

Sir Tim Barrow, the country's permanent representative to the EU, told the office of European Council President Donald Tusk that Britain planned to trigger Article 50 of the EU Treaty next Wednesday.

The Brexit secretary said Britain will then be engaged in the most important negotiation "for a generation".

Once that is received, there will be a two-year negotiating process before the United Kingdom finally breaks away in 2019.

The official notification will declare that negotiations should begin as soon as possible, May's spokesman said.

"It is also extraordinary that the prime minister has failed to provide any certainty about her plans for Brexit or to prepare for the clear dangers of not reaching a deal with the EU".

But the UK Government also knows that Wales voted to leave, and that means that while there will be disagreements on the nature of the Brexit deal under discussion, it can at least claim to be trying to deliver what most people in Wales voted for.

While on balance the public think Theresa May's ambitions are possible (41% think they are realistic aims, 33% don't), some of the targets she has set herself are very hard: a free trade deal that doesn't involve freedom of movement with the EU, leaving the customs union but not facing full customs checks, not being in the customs union but having an open border with Ireland.

"The UK will no longer exist for example and we've said under those circumstances Wales should be able to determine what happens to us", said Ms Wood, whose party holds ten out of the 60 seats in the Welsh Assembly and has three MPs.

May embarked Monday on a tour of Britain as part of ongoing engagements with devolved regions ahead of triggering the Article 50.

With political turmoil in Northern Ireland and threats of another independence referendum in Scotland, this was by far the easiest leg of her mini-tour.

It came as a new think tanks report reveals bills to manage Brexit will consume Parliament entirely from May onwards leaving "very little time for anything else".

The government's Brexit negotiating position is ambitious - how would the British public feel if the European Union offered the United Kingdom less favourable terms?

She has been vocal that Britain is heading for a "bad deal" on Brexit and apparently wants out.

Article 50 allows for two years of talks to decide an EU member state's divorce terms, "taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union".



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