'Beauty and the Beast' review: The Disney classic still enchants

Film director Bill Condon had described the "exclusively gay" scene involving the character Gaston's sidekick, LeFou, who "is confused about his sexuality" and may be having romantic feelings. Initially held prisoner by the Beast in his permanently wintry castle, Belle gradually falls for this well-read but lonely creature - whose only chance of lifting the spell is to find true love. McGregor then finished with "what would Jesus think?" McGregor told Colbert. "It's 2017, for f-k's sake!"

On "The Late Show" Colbert brought up the whole fuss, to which McGregor joked that "there's a lot of gay sex in this film", rather than the harmless reference to a character's potential homosexuality that does exist in it. When it comes to Beyonce, the cast of Beauty and the Beast are just like us.

The Associated Press reported earlier that Disney had shelved the movie in Malaysia, but did not name its source.

As for Belle, star Emma Watson was equally thrilled by Beyonce's cameo at the premiere. It's unbelievable when you see Beyonce, I became such a fangirl. The film stars Dan Stevens as the Beast, Emma Watson as Belle, Ewan McGregor as Lumière, Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, and Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, Stanley Tucci as Cadenza, Kevin Kline as Maurice, and Tony Award victor Audra McDonald as Garderobe.

If you've been trying to book tickets to see Disney's highly anticipated live action remake of Beauty and the Beast on 16 March, you'll find that the film is not even listed on local cinema websites anymore.

"It's not because I didn't want to", he added, attempting to justify his avoidance of one of Disney's biggest cultural hits.

"I love the fact that there's a little gay moment in this movie, you know, here we are in the 21st Century".

The film stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, and Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome-but-shallow villager who woos Belle.



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