Another Uncharted game from Naughty Dog is 'unlikely,' studio says

The last treasure hunt. For real this time

While speaking with Game Informer in the latest issue about The Lost Legacy, Evan Wells was asked about the future of Uncharted at Naughty Dog and the answer shouldn't surprise those who have been paying attention. "I would say that Naughty Dog doing an Uncharted after this is unlikely", he noted.

Not much has been heard about Uncharted: The Lost Legacy since it was announced last December, but once the standalone expansion is finished developer Naughty Dog are implying they won't be making any more Uncharted games.

At one point, it appeared that Uncharted 4: A Thief's End would be the final go-around for the franchise, marking a conclusion to Nathan Drake's grand adventure over a number of memorable titles.

"We really love the franchise, but the studio has limited resources and lots of other ideas", Wells added. According to Wells, it is "unlikely" that Naughty Dog will be doing another title after The Lost Legacy. Though one would have to ask themselves: Do you want a studio other than Naughty Dog to handle Uncharted? The Western Ghats are also meant to be the "single largest level we've ever done in Uncharted", as per designer James Cooper. "That's not to say the questions will be the same in games we make going forward, but as a studio we grow exhausted of answering those same types of questions in the same fiction".

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was announced by Naughty Dog in December of past year, and is scheduled to release sometime in 2017. Whether it's another Uncharted game or a new IP entirely, it should be fun.

The Lost Legacy is coming later this year; The Last of Us Part 2 does not yet have a release window.



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