Alan Menken on Writing the New Songs in 'Beauty and the Beast'

Beauty and the Beast’ the live-action spectacle			 0					By		Steve Pulaski

Beauty and the Beast box office collection: Emma Watson is expected to pull in United States dollars 15 million ( Rs 100 crore approximately) for the live-action remake of the 1991 Disney classic. It was huge in the United Kingdom with $22.8 million - one of the top five openings ever there - and impressed in China with $44.8 million, already topping the entire runs of Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast has opened over the weekend to a whopping $170 million from 4,210 theatres at the North American box office.

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" smashed box office records in its opening three-day weekend, taking in an unexpected $170 million, according to industry estimates.

In addition to Ms. Watson, Mr. Stevens, Ms. Thompson, Mr. Kline, Ms. McDonald, Mr. McGregor, and Mr. McKellen, the movie also stars Josh Gad and Stanley Tucci. The franchise includes 2010's "Alice in Wonderland", 2014's "Maleficent", 2015's "Cinderella", and last year's "The Jungle Book". Many more are on the way, too, including those for "Dumbo", "Mulan", "Aladdin" and "The Lion King".

"There were a combination of factors that made this a recipes for success", said Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis.

For reference, the original animation was also a top performer in its opening weekend.

Internationally, Beauty and Beast placed No.1 nearly everywhere.

The character portrayals in this film were fabulous, Emma Watson played a stunning Belle, but the highlight of Beauty and the Beast was Luke Evans portrayal of Gaston.

"Usually when you're doing animated films. you do a lot of the work in the voice studio, by yourself, but because you see us, at times, in our human forms (for the live-action remake), we all got to be onset together", Audra explained. Around the world, the film earned a healthy $350 million.

Fox's R-rated "X-Men" spinoff "Logan", starring Hugh Jackman, added $17.5 million in its third week to bring its total to $184 million.

Lastly, Get Out's extraordinary run appears to be winding down as it's down a still awesome 38% from last Friday to $3.7 million.

Faith Driven Consumers, which says that it measures the viewing habits of Christians in America, said last week that the "gay moment" is pushing away 95 percent of 41 million consumers.



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