Aaron Hernandez shot 2 men, then warned, 'Don't say nothing'

Alexander Bradley was seen with Aaron Hernandez the night of the murders in July 2012

A critical witness in the Aaron Hernandez double murder trial is expected to testify this week.

Hernandez's former drug dealer takes the stand today. Bradley received immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony at this trial.

Alexander Bradley, a former drug dealer and friend of Hernandez, was seen together with the former New England Patriot the night Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado were shot and killed in Boston in July 2012.

"Before Bradley can even say a word, the defendant shoots him at point-blank range right between the eyes", Haggan said.

The defense has also made much thus far about what they argue is the preposterousness of Hernandez successfully firing from the SUV's front passenger seat across Bradley's lap. Bradley said that he convinced Hernandez to leave the Cure Nightclub for a new spot and Hernandez reluctantly agreed.

Hours after - unbeknownst to Bradley or Hernandez - the lives of five Cape Verdean friends living in Dorchester collided with a temperamental football star for a brief minute in time. In fact, Haggan said, "He was never going to tell a soul" about the murders until Hernandez, 27, thought undercover cops had followed them to Miami seven months later and Bradley told him, "It's probably because of the (expletive) up stuff you did in Boston".

As they were lined up with the auto, Bradley said Hernandez told him to roll down the window.

Bradley said Hernandez later asked him to help him buy a gun "to protect himself" as a result of these perceived "trying" incidents. He said they smoked marijuana and drank, then left to go to Club Cure in Boston, with Bradley driving the SUV. From the passenger seat Hernandez leaned across Bradley, stuck his arm with the gun out the window and yelled "Yo!" to the BMW, according to Bradley.

"He fired five shots - five rounds, and then I heard like three or four clicks coming from the gun, Bradley testified". Bradley then described the shooting scene. He recalled the two panicking, driving around aimlessly toward the highway before Hernandez entered a Global Positioning System location on his phone.

"He acted in a demeanor like a tough guy all the time, is the way I would explain it", Bradley told the court. They left for another bar, where Bradley said Hernandez was irritated because they believed they were followed. According to Bradley, Hernandez popped the hood of the SUV and retrieved the revolver he has hidden near the engine block.

Hours later, Haggan said Bradley awoke in the back seat of a vehicle with a gun to his head. He had a "no iPhone rule" among his circle of friends, thought helicopters were following him and feared law enforcement was on to him, Bradley said.

Months later, in February 2013, Bradley said Hernandez bought him a one-way ticket to Florida to attend a Super Bowl party. The comment caused Hernandez to become upset and walk away, he testified.



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