A Redesigned iPhone 7 Plus by ColorWare for $1899

This retro iPhone 7 mod isn't cheap

Being called the iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition, it definitely gives you a nostalgic feel when you hold it for the first time but to own it, you will need to spend some serious money on it.

ColorWare returns with another custom product, the latest being his retro Apple-inspired version of the iPhone 7 Plus. If you'd like to check it out, follow the source link below.

ColorWare, of course, is a company that enables consumers to have many of their favorite gadgets reimagined with different customized colors, and Apple gear is no exception.

For the last few years, ColorWare has been gracing Apple's products with gorgeous special edition paint jobs reminiscent of vintage Macintosh products. Stripes in a dark beige color have been painted on the edges of an authentic Black iPhone 7 Plus. "The product goes through final inspection and is packaged into the original packaging".

The iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition is created to mimic the look of a vintage 1980s-era Macintosh, and while it does just that very well, it doesn't come cheap.

You may be wondering if anyone will buy one at that price, and the answer is nearly certainly yes.

It also gets earphones, an electrical discharge to USB cable, a USB Power Adapter along with documents inside the box.

Is It The Same Price?

While the 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus costs $969 in the US, the retro version from Colorware is priced at $1899.

This is actually a good question - why is iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition by ColorWare expensive? After placing the order, the shipping process will take two to three weeks.

Why is iPhone 7 Plus Retro Edition by ColorWare Pricey?



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