5 ways Arizona's state universities want to raise tuition, fees next year

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Out-of-state residents would see fees rise by $150, from $9,698 to $9,848.

Unlike ASU, UA and NAU have guaranteed-tuition plans for some students.

The vast majority of in-state undergraduates, now enrolled at Northern Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, would see no change in their tuition.

Northern Arizona University is asking for a 2 percent increase in tuition and fees for new in-state undergraduate students and a almost 3 percent increase in fees and tuition for new out-of-state undergrads at its Mountain Campus in Flagstaff.

According to the Arizona Board of Regents, there will be a public hearing where students will be able to comment and provide feedback regarding this proposal.

Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University submitted their proposals Friday.

The university has proposed a new mandatory fee as well.

Crow said this is the fifth consecutive year that "we are maintaining our pledge to propose a small, incremental tuition increase" for in-state undergraduates. "The 1 percent increase in tuition is among the lowest in 10 years", said Jude Udeozor, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Council.

Never Settle, approved by the Arizona Board of Regents in November 2013, brought about academic program enhancements that include offering every student a significant engagement opportunity outside the classroom, expanding the offerings of the UA Online degree programs and introducing majors with high career potential for graduates in Arizona.

The proposal to the Finance and Administration Committee laid out several possible tuition increases ranging from 4 percent to 8 percent for in-state undergrads.

Global students also typically face steeper increases than in-state students. "I feel good about the fact that, by doing the 4 percent, we can make the statement that we're not making students our first resort in dealing with our challenges".

The fee would support athletics facilities and operations.

NAU's proposed base tuition for 2017/2018 is $10,038 and fees are $1,021. The $3 increase in fees is due to the Arizona Financial Aid Trust, a fee that all new Arizona university students must pay. At the main ASU campus, in-state undergraduates would see tuition and fees increase by 1.4 percent, from $10,640 to $10,792.

Students and their families have said the Guaranteed Tuition Plan encourages on-time graduation and helps with financial planning and college completion.



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