Young Millennials Top List of Worst Behaved Drivers

Young Millennials Top List of Worst Behaved Drivers

These findings, part of AAA's annual Traffic Safety Culture Index, come as United States traffic deaths jumped 7% in 2015 to more than 35,000 - the largest single-year increase in five decades.

"It's critical that these drivers understand the potentially deadly consequences of these types of behaviors", Yang said, "and that they change their behavior and attitudes in order to reverse the number of fatalities on USA roads".

"While many motorists believe they are more careful than others on the road, majority are not making safe decisions behind the wheel".

For example, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's 2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index found that while 78 percent of drivers believe that texting and driving is unsafe, almost one in three drivers (31 percent) admitted to doing it within the past month.

The biggest offenders? Young Millennials age 19-24.

According to AAA, almost 14 percent of millennial drivers found it acceptable to drive through a red light.

A new report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety finds that young millennials are the riskiest drivers - but none of us are really setting a good example.

According to AAA, 88 percent of drivers between 19 and 24 years old admitted to recently speeding, texting or running red lights. Visit for more information on this and other research.

But texting and driving isn't the only risky behavior this group takes part in. Drivers ages 16-18 and 75 or older were the most likely to hold their phones and talk while driving. "They are using all kinds of things now", said Jyreek Ellerbe, driving instructor with The Next Street.

·Nearly 12 percent of drivers ages 19-24 reported feeling that it is acceptable to drive 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone, compared to less than 5 percent of all drivers.

Eighty-seven percent of drivers said they have never driven when they thought they were close to the legal alcohol limit.



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