White House Disputes Kasich Aide's Claim That Trump Requested Meeting

John Kasich Munich sotu

John Kasich is slated to meet with President Donald Trump at the White House on Friday, three sources familiar with the plan told CNN Monday.

Kasich, who challenged Trump for the GOP nomination, was sharply critical of his rival's policies on the campaign trail.

There is a meeting scheduled inside The White House for this Friday.

"That is a very, very bad idea, because we can not turn our back on the most vulnerable", Kasich said.

"Governor Kasich has reached out on multiple occasions to meet with the president", Spicer said. "He closed with a "#TwoPaths" hashtag - a reference to a Kasich mantra that emphasizes the differences the governor has with the president.

Kasich has been MIA in Trump's life since the Republican National Convention in July and refused to support him. The official described the meeting as long overdue.

"I think that includes people who are with him, who are not with him, who are the other side of the aisle, or independent - union workers, business leaders", Spicer continued.

He says one-third of the 700,000 Ohioans who have gotten medical coverage under the expanded program have mental health and substance abuse problems and "to turn our backs on them makes no sense".



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