Vin Diesel Sings On Selena Gomez's New Track!

Those close to the immature singer said at the time that Bieber didn't take the dalliance seriously, presuming Gomez was simply using The Weeknd to further her music career. In it, she seems to unearth the forgotten link between bluegrass and bar anthems, while also lyrically dumping a wack dude who is, hopefully, Bieber.

A source told TMZ: 'She's fed up with everyone on social media trying to define her by the guy she's dating and is proud of her accomplishments as a singer. Now, we hear that the remix of this single will feature the Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel.

And Selena Gomez obviously likes The Weeknd a lot.

The Weeknd, Gomez's new love, performed at the Grammys on Sunday while Justin Bieber was getting sushi.

Even after not touching her iPhone for three months past year, Selena Gomez is still the most followed person on Instagram by a lot.

"Who's gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?".

Having listened to the full and final version of the song, many believe that the lyrics narrate a heartbreaking story about a relationship that's falling apart. When Vin Diesel himself calls the experience "a dream come true", you know it's going to be wild. Let me know what you think.

Kygo's last album Cloud 9 dropped back in May of 2016, and Gomez's most recent effort Revival was released in 2015.



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