Video of teachers playing 'marry, kill' game causes controversy

Loading A group of teachers are in hot water after playing a game about students

The comments ranged from calling one student "beautiful" to another claiming that teachers were having inappropriate relations with students, which also included an allegedly special needs child.

The video circulated around the small town several weeks ago before coming to public attention on Monday when it was posted on YouTube.

Six southwestern MI teachers have been reprimanded and a school secretary has resigned after they were secretly videoed joking about which co-workers they would marry, have sex with or kill.

The video shows the group was sitting in a bar at the time.

"There was a member of the school staff that filed a complaint because she felt threatened by the video", Simpson added.

"When I hear off-campus or off-duty conduct, we can't regulate what teachers, school staff, bus drivers do, unless it has an adverse effect on the school setting", school attorney Robert Huber said.

Out of six teachers in attendance, two were involved in the game, as well an administrative secretary.

Many parents at the district are furious over the topics the teachers were loudly discussing at the Bangor Tavern and Grill.

But after a school and police investigation, it was concluded that no teacher would lose their jobs, although a secretary resigned.

But the mother of a student with autism mentioned in the video has demanded an apology. On Monday, the Bangor School Board accepted the resignation of a secretary for her role in the video, which has been spreading around the internet.

While many people expressed their anger and concern towards administration for the disciplinary action taken, Huber said the district stands by their decision.



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