Trump's Russian Federation problem imperils his presidency, and undermines faith in America

Pelosi to Trump Time to tell Flynn 'you're fired!'

During the election, Flynn was one of a handful of Trump advisers who had clear-cut ties to Russia, fueling rumors that the Russian government was propping up the Trump campaign. Every major politician, Democrat or Republican, would like to see better relations with Russian Federation. But for all except the new president there are major obstacles to a new detente with Moscow that Trump has consistently ignored or dismissed: Among them are Russia's military seizure of Crimea and its proxy war in Eastern Ukraine, for which the USA and its European allies have imposed economic sanctions; Putin's brutal attack on Aleppo; and Kremlin interference in US and European elections.

Rather than criticizing Russian Federation for undermining the legitimacy of his election, Trump has disparaged the USA intelligence agencies that discovered Moscow's meddling. A narcissistic belief that he alone can make "deals" with America's adversaries? And then-campaign manager Paul Manafort told ABC News there were no connections between the campaign and Putin.

While Trump has yet to announce a clear Russian Federation policy, "it may have been easier with Flynn in that position", to find common ground, Fyodor Lukyanov, head of a Kremlin foreign policy advisory board, said Tuesday. "It's phony stuff. It didn't happen", while Putin himself, a KGB veteran, weighed in on Trump's side a week later, calling it "clearly fake". I mean, this is clearly coming from the intelligence community.

The dossier's 17 terse memos, from June to December, cite multiple high-level sources in Russia and at least one "Russian emigre close to the Trump campaign", presumably in NY, that Steele indicates he tapped through intermediaries. But so too is the credibility of America itself, which stands accused of extending a welcoming hand to Russian Federation, despite its many provocations, because of our new president's personal, business or political ties to Vladimir Putin.

And this is why almost 11 million more Americans voted against Trump than for him.

A July 30 memo, citing a third source "close to the Trump campaign", contends that two-way intelligence operations had actually been running between Moscow and the Trump organization for at least eight years. Trump called the dossier "fake news" and "phony stuff" during a press conference held at the time.

We need an investigation, with witnesses under oath, to get to the bottom of all this.

"There's this dimension that there's this embrace of a fact-free zone, and, again, that isn't what a president usually looks for in a national security adviser", she said of Flynn and Trump.

"Flynn was the most publicly positive figure on Russia among Trump's key foreign policy staff and, given this, his departure could be a precursor of a more neutral/negative stance from Trump toward Russia", Sberbank CIB analysts Tom Levinson, Iskander Lutsko and Vladimir Tsibanov said in a research note Tuesday. "Clinton, for several years".

The Kremlin ordered Russian state media on Thursday to stop praising Donald Trump.

At the same time, officials knew that seeking to build a case against Flynn for violating an obscure 1799 statute known as the Logan Act - which bars private citizens from interfering in diplomatic disputes - would be legally and political daunting.

If any collaboration existed, it had to have US intermediaries. What did the Russians expect to accomplish by meddling in the US election?

On a response to recent Russian actions, including their buzzing of an American destroyer and movement of a spy ship to the coast of Connecticut: "If I was just brutal on Russia right now, just brutal, people would say-you would say-'Oh isn't that wonderful?' I know you well enough". They were not targeting Trump's people. "The final goal of his enemies is to impeach the president", he added.

The report, from the New York Times, has boosted concerns about Russia's role in influencing the outcome of the United States' election.



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