Top Mexican Official Is Concerned About Arrest Of Illegal Immigrant Gang Member

According to his lawyers, he settled in California, attended school there, worked and grew into a young man.

Attorneys for Ramirez, whose own child is an American citizen, claim his detention without probable cause violates his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights.

At the detention center, it was determined he Ramirez Medina was a DACA recipient and did not have a criminal history.

Democratic Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego on Wednesday demanded the release of a Seattle DREAMer and suspected gang member being held by immigration authorities. "However, because of the change in priorities, they're out more on the street so that's where we're hearing from people that, you know, the visibility, it's really higher", Millona said. "You have some absolutely incredible kids [here under DACA]". In some of the cases, they're having DACA, and they're gang members, and they're drug dealers, too. "We're going to deal with Daca with heart".

Last month President Trump signed an Executive Order, expanding the powers of Homeland Security.

First, is undocumented presence criminal?

In exchange, the United States government agrees to "defer" any action on their immigration status for a period of two years. Klingenfuss thought she was safe after being approved for DACA in 2015. He also obtained a work authorisation card.

It was not immediately clear why agents went to Ramirez's father's house, but the petition says they had a warrant for the father's arrest.

Medina's lawyers argue that he repeatedly told ICE agents that he had Daca and that his work permit card was in his wallet.

Ramirez, who was brought to the United States from Mexico when he was 7, was asked whether he had been involved in gang activity and said "not no more", according to a Justice Department brief. "That's what we'll have to watch for".

Crooks disguised as federal law enforcement officers are targeting foreign-born residents as fears over President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown surges, according to New York's top cop.

Homeland Security has said that Mr. Ramirez lost his ability to be part of DACA because of his gang affiliations. The lawsuit, which was filed in Seattle Monday, states that officials asked him if he was in the country legally.

The tattoo on Ramirez's forearm had a nautical star and the name of his birthplace, the filing said, which had nothing to do with any gang.

Trump told a news conference Thursday that he meant to "deal with DACA with heart". Under Obama, gang affiliation was grounds for removal.

"I don't think it really suggests that this is going to happen much in the future, absent the revocation of DACA, or something like that", Johnson said. Upon handing over his wallet, ICE saw his work permit and reportedly told him "It doesn't matter because you weren't born in this country". Obama had promised to use the information only for issuing the work permits and social security cards.

While Democratic lawmakers are working on proposals to combat discrimination based on people's immigration status, Ortiz-Self said the laws that should protect Ramirez already are on the books and should be respected. She declined to say what exactly people are reporting, saying that some were asking advice on immigration issues.

Ramirez's attorney, Mark Rosenbaum, responded to the charges on Thursday.

He said they zeroed in on his tattoo, which they assumed was related to gangs, but he said actually signified the place of his birth: La Paz, the capital city of Baja California Sur, abbreviated by the initials "BCS" on the tattoo.

According to the government, gang membership can be an indicator that an immigrant poses a public safety threat.

The two sides are due back in court on Friday morning to determine if Medina's detention is proper, or if his Daca status should have prevented the arrest.

ICE says DACA has always been at the discretion of the government.



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