Tony Blair says independence case is 'more credible' after Brexit

Tony Blair is campaigning against a hard Brexit

Tony Blair will call on Friday for a nationwide campaign by European Union supporters against a "Brexit at any cost", claiming that Theresa May's agenda is being dictated by hardline Eurosceptics.

Despite heralding in one of the biggest constitutional changes in British history, ministers want the bill passed unamended in a fraction of the time it normally takes to legislate.

Mr Blair will acknowledge "genuine concerns" over immigration but claim that "for many people" the main worry is around entrants from countries outside the EU.

He said he was switching growth plans away from the UK and would not create any more pilot or cabin crew posts, or increase the amount of planes there due to Brexit uncertainty, and also accused the UK Government of being clueless over Brexit and hoped that the UK would stay in the EU.

On January 17, May outlined her negotiating stance for Brexit, which included a rejection of the Single Market and an end to the free movement of people, resulting in a so-called "hard Brexit".

Mr Blair, who campaigned to Remain in the European Union, will say he accepts the verdict of June's referendum, but would recommend looking again at Brexit when "we have a clear sense of where we're going".

"To calculate in "easy to understand" ways how proceeding will cause real damage to the country and its citizens and to build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff's edge".

"The term Hard Brexit requires amendment".

Mr Wainwright said: "I certainly think that many terrorist groups in recent years - and that includes ISIS - are sensitive and adept at turning the words against us as a way of maybe mobilising anti-Western feeling. But I do know we will suffer a rancorous verdict from future generations if we do not try". "The policy is now "Brexit at any cost". "Tony Blair is now trying to do everything he can to halt Brexit".

He will say: "In addition to all this, the possibility of the break-up of the United Kingdom - narrowly avoided by the result of the Scottish referendum - is now back on the table, but this time with a context much more credible for the independence case".

Downing Street has said it is "absolutely committed" to seeing Brexit through.

"Mechanisms such as Europol provide an important part of the way in which the law-enforcement community in Britain and other countries around Europe can discharge those responsibilities", he added.

May plans to trigger Article 50 before the end of March, which will start the official two-year negotiation period for Britain leaving the EU.



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