Tinder to incorporate Snapchat-like feature

Tinder to incorporate Snapchat-like feature

However, it appears like dating app Tinder might be following the former's footsteps as it recently acquired the LA-based start-up Wheel which essentially allows users to share video stories. The idea at the time was to offer a way for people to make mobile videos that were easy, fun and watchable, as well as to collaborate on videos with family and friends.

Wheel was founded in 2015 under the name Ferris and has been used by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

All of Wheel's employees will join Tinder, including its chief executive and co-founder Paul Boukadakis, who will become vice president of special initiatives, and co-founder Chris Shaheen, who will take a senior role on the software development team.

'What we were doing with content was all about connecting a young demographic around creating content together, ' Paul Boukadakis told Business Insider.

Boukadakis, who will be Tinder's VP of Special Initiatives, said that Wheel was created to "lower the barrier for entry to content creation" and "make connecting more comfortable".

Tinder could be launching a Stories feature, and we're not talking about a place where users reveal the most freaky conversations they've had on the platform. Just wait to see how Tinder's new feature is going to make it even more of a test of your creativity and perseverance.

Tinder's acquisition of collaborative video app Wheel could mean video capability will be integrated in the near future. This is just one of the ways Tinder is keeping up with the Joneses, a.k.a. other popular dating apps.

Thanks to its recent purchase of the startup Wheel, Tinder will soon get some new video features, reports Variety.



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