The Rock and Vince McMahon Appear Before Tonight's WWE RAW

After the WWE RAW cameras stopped rolling, fans in the Staples Center were treated to something they probably never thought they'd see; The Rock, in the center of a WWE ring, leading fans in a CM Punk chant.

WWE legend The Rock, who did not appear on Raw, was in town to film a scene from an upcoming wrestling movie called "Fighting With My Family". He shared that the scene would be based on Paige winning the WWE Divas Championship from AJ Lee. Apparently wanting to give the crowd in Los Angeles what they wanted, Johnson then called up CM Punk on his cell phone in the middle of the ring.

The Rock then went on to try and get a hold of Punk on the phone but unfortunately for the fans, Punk did not answer. "I hope you can hear this".

Now, reportedly, the WWE brass wasn't exactly thrilled that Johnson called up CM Punk. The Rock did leave a voicemail though. Again, this is not a rib.

In addition to The Rock, McMahon appeared and actually "fired" the former longtime top WWE Superstar. Johnson left him a message with thousands in attendance chanting his name in the background. The Rock even tried to Facetime him, but that didn't work out either. His 434-day reign as WWE World Champion was the longest in more than two decades. He had his first-ever UFC fight in September and has vowed to continue his MMA career.



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