Tech firms join together to file legal brief against Trump's immigration ban

Tech firms join together to file legal brief against Trump's immigration ban

In particular, United States tech companies employ workers from all over the world and there is also the spectre of a further executive order that will make it harder for Silicon Valley companies to get visas for employees from overseas. All three companies were founded by immigrants.

According to the buzz the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals that is in San Francisco, denied the request of stay by administration of Trump.

In a brief filed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, almost 100 companies -including Facebook, Apple and Microsoft - from the technology sector and other industries supported the lawsuit filed by Washington state and Minnesota. If the court finds the ban illegal, it is likely that the administration's appeals will continue, and the case could end up in the USA supreme court.

The brief from the tech companies - one of many being submitted from both sides - states that the travel ban is harmful to the industry and wider economy.

Trump's executive order bars Syrian refugees entering the USA and suspends those from seven Muslim-majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Not only does the travel ban inflict "substantial harm" on United States businesses - through more hard recruiting, increased costs, and disincentives to expand operations in the country - but the tech companies argue the order "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution". It also indefinitely halts refugees from Syria.

US President Donald Trump shows his signature on executive orders alongside US Defense Secretary James Mattis (R) and US Vice President Mike Pence on January 27, 2016 at the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Amazon is not listed but this is because Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, is already backing the original lawsuit.

"America has long recognised the importance of protecting ourselves against those who would do us harm".

"Immigrants are among our leading entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, and philanthropists", according to the filing, which stated that in the past the USA has maintained its commitment to welcoming immigrants, while also protecting the country through increased background checks and other controls on people seeking to enter the country. They argued the immigration order will hurt their employees and their businesses.

Many officials fight against the ban and companies, 97 more precisely, chose to engage in this fight. The retail giant filed a motion against the ban at the end of January.



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