Stamford couple accrues fines over racial slur on garage

The slur has remained on the garage for

An interracial couple whose CT home was vandalized last month with a racial slur is refusing to erase the obscenity until Stamford police "do their job" and find the vandals, even as the city fines them $100 a day. Jr. weekend, but because they failed to cover it up, they received a fine, reports The Stamford Advocate.

The couple says they've left the n-word scrawled across their garage so the community doesn't forget what happened.

"The incident that occurred is disgusting and it is something the Stamford Police Department continues to have under investigation", the city's director of public safety, Ted Jankowski, told the Advocate. "Mayor David Martin condemns the incident that occurred on January 14 and believes that any incident like this, though incredibly rare, has no place in our diverse city".

Darnell Crosland, the state's legal counsel for the NAACP, reiterated the couple's concern at a news conference on Monday, Feb. 20.

Police have been investigating the case, but have been unable to find witnesses or security footage of the act in question.

The city issued a blight citation, which carries a $100 daily fine.

The couple said they'll go to court if they have to. She said that their house has been vandalized several times before and that at least three of her neighbors have called her husband the N-word. "I'd like to find out who did it, because this has to stop", Charles says. City leaders say the Stamford police is looking into what happened.

Since the vandalism, the look of the home has become even more unusual because in addition to the graffiti, there is yellow police tape barring the sidewalk to the front door and a large yellow sign warning people to stay off the property or else risk being charged with criminal trespass. It further encourages the removal of graffiti within 24-48 hours to "prevent the vandals from receiving the recognition they desire".

"Its existence has serious economic as well as psychological consequences in neighborhoods and communicates alarm", the website reads.



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