Senate expected to vote on Sunday liquor sales bill Monday

The Montana Senate has passed a bill to keep patients from receiving huge bills from air ambulance companies. The Senate failed to override, meaning the governor's veto stands.

Even if the Senate votes in favor of Sunday liquor sales on Monday, the issue may not yet be over. He said the House Management Committee was likely to make the decision, based on responses to a request for proposals. Agency Budgets that we reviewed included the Department of Children and Families, the Department for Aging and Disability Services, Board of Regents, Higher Education Institutions, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. On Thursday the 23rd, the Committee passed out two bills: HB 2315, the Governor's tax proposal (without recommendation) and HB 2370, which is identical to the HB 2178. The insurance company and out-of-network air ambulance providers would negotiate payment of the rest of the bill.

The bill also defines what a "dwelling house" is in order to set what kinds of properties are covered by the statute on breaking and entering in West Virginia. That raises the minimum salary schedule by $500 the first year.

On Friday, I was in the House chamber. Liquor store owners opposed it in a hearing before the House Commerce Committee. The bill requires a significant number of changes to the current structure of the KanCare Program. What is the future of the Affordable Care Act with the Trump Administration and Congress?

With so many big issues moving through the Legislature, it's an important time for citizens to stay in touch with lawmakers and share their views on the issues that will be voted on in the days to come. The final vote of the amended bill was 81-44. They primarily advocated for free-market principles and noted that several other states have already expanded alcohol sales.

Liquor stores are now required to close on Sundays. Lawmakers have tried and failed for years to repeal a ban that dates back to statehood. Wednesday morning, the Kansas House passed the first step toward restoring due process rights.

House Bill 13 would authorize $10.5 million in state bond funds for construction of a state veterans' nursing home in Bowling Green. The second bill was the Substitute House Bill 2052.

"I think it's going to be a close vote", Marget said.

Government House leader Michel Samson, who sits on both committees, said better access should be discussed, but how it would look needs to be determined.

HB 385 will now go to the full House for consideration.

The Kansas Legislature has reached the point in the legislative calendar that is commonly referred to as Turnaround. House members added that bill's language into another bill on the floor, then sent that bill to the Senate. When we return on March 6, most of our focus will be those bills that passed the Senate and they will focus on the bills that passed the House.

"We're always restricted on how many people can actually come and participate and see what actually happens".

It is a special honor to serve as your state representative. Please do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, concerns, and questions.



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