Outdoor Retailer To Leave Salt Lake City

The lucrative Outdoor Retailer show is again considering moving from Salt Lake City but Utah officials say they are confident the city's bid will persuade the show to stay.

"Salt Lake City has been hospitable to Outdoor Retailer and our industry for the past 20 years, but we are in lockstep with the outdoor community and are working on finding our new home", Nicholson stated.

Gov. Gary Herbert said he will talk today about stepping down from a call to rescind the new Bears Ears National Monument designation during a meeting with the Outdoor Industry Association.

The Outdoor Retailer show made the announcement just hours after a conference call meant to smooth discord between industry leaders and Gov. Gary Herbert ended with both sides disappointed. Company president and CEO Rose Marcario published her reaction on the Patagonia website. Additionally, the nutritionals company stated that will not attend any trade show in Utah - including Interbike, should it relocate there - while state policy on public lands remains "inimical to GU core values".

The Bears Ears stance by Herbert and other Republican leaders was the culmination of years of actions that showed the state is more interested in seizing control of its public lands than preserving them for hiking, biking and skiing, said Amy Roberts, Outdoor Industry Association executive director.

Herbert "offered the opportunity.to work through a negotiation process with the outdoor industry about what seem to be differences about the state's position with regard to the use of the Antiquities Act here in the state", Edwards said, referring to the federal law enabling presidents to declare national monuments.

Emerald Expositions, the owner of the show, has said that it is now on the hunt for a new venue.

"Our members have made it very clear they won't support the show in Utah", Roberts said.

Utah politicians' opposition to the new Bears Ears National Monument is costing the state the Outdoor Retailer show, which pumps millions of dollars into the local economy twice a year.

Gov. Gary Herbert says he plans to remind Outdoor Retailer show organizers during a meeting that having Utah as a host has been a "blessing" for them and helped the expo grow significantly.



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