New Orleans businesses close in solidarity with Day Without Immigrants

"It's pretty organic", Yakupitiyage said. They are in response to Trump's vows to crack down on illegal immigration and his executive order, since suspended, to temporarily block entry to people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Thursday's efforts are just the most recent major protest against Trump's immigration policies.

The strike mirrors Milwaukee's Day Without Latinos, Immigrants, and Refugees protest on February 13, when thousands of immigrants in the Wisconsin city refused to work and instead took to the streets to protest Trump and Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. The media site Uproxx kept a running tally of closed restaurants based on social media and local reports that exceeded 135 by midday. The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco issued a stay on the existing stay.

Colin McDonough's Boundary Stone restaurant will see its staff members joining the national "Day Without Immigrants" protest, but McDonough told the Washington Post that he and a co-owner will open the kitchen to serve a limited menu. "We try to work hard for our family".

Andrés, who emigrated from Spain in 1991 and is now a US citizen, broke a contract he had with the Trump International Hotel in Washington to open a restaurant after Trump made comments about Mexicans in 2015. "A enormous part of this state didn't vote this person in, and we're paying for his awful decisions". "I don't think inconveniencing someone for their dinner is going to change how the politicians feel", Sunnyvale resident David Broniarczyk said.

"Donald Trump wants to deport immigrants".

"Out of respect for r staff's vote to support Thurs's immigrant civil action, we r closing Frontera Grill, Topolobampo, Xoco & Fonda Frontera", tweeted Bayless, one of the country's most celebrated top chefs. A number of restaurants that remained open said they would donate part of their profits to pro-immigrant groups. Beyond the restaurants who have elected to close, it is possible other restaurants' hours could be impacted if enough workers stay home unexpectedly.



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