Love Actually cast reunite on set for new sequel

Thanks to the photos we know that Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster will be back and sharing adorable moments as Daniel and Sam, and Olivia Olson will be back as Joanna, so we will finally get to know what happened between Sam and Joanna!

Two of the stars of Love Actually - Liam Neeson and his onscreen son Thomas Brodie-Sangster - were photographed together filming a scene for the upcoming mini-sequel to the 2003 romantic comedy. The last time we saw Sam, he was an adorable young blondie who had just gotten the ideal first kiss in an airport. However, Liam Neeson looks nearly the exact same as he did thirteen years ago when Love Actually came out in theaters.

In addition to Neeson and Brodie-Sangster, the project will also bring back Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson, Martine McCutcheon, Keira Knightley, Andrew Lincoln, Lucia Moniz, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bill Nighy, Marcus Brigstocke and Olivia Olson.

Keep your eye out for Red Nose Day Actually on March 24 on BBC One - or if you're stateside, the sequel short will be shown during Red Nose Day USA on May 25 on NBC!

Taking to Twitter Emma shared a couple of shots of cast members and some behind the scenes shots.

Since Love Actually director Richard Curtis co-founded the charity in 1985, it's about damn time he reunited the cast of the beloved holiday rom-com for a good cause!

With a star-studded cast and heart-warming and heartbreaking, stories, millions of fans love to watch and re-watch the film, so the news that there is a sort of sequel happening has already gained a lot of buzz. "I guess that's the big question... or is it so obviously Liam?"

The filmmaker said that he was "delighted" about the fact that he had been able to reassemble so numerous original cast from the 2003 film.



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