Libya PM regret 'missed opportunity' to meet rival

Libya rival factions agree to hold general elections in 2018

Two leaders affiliated with Libya's Tobruk-based parliament turned down offers to meet in Cairo for political talks, Fayez al-Sarraj, head of Libya's UN-backed unity government, said Wednesday.

The parties had missed "another precious opportunity that we hoped would be the beginning of a solution to the state of division and suffering" in Libya, he said in a statement.

Libya has descended into political and security chaos since longtime dictator Moamer Gaddafi was overthrown and slain in a 2011 uprising.

Libya will hold elections in 2018.

A UN-backed deal signed in Morocco in late 2015 gave birth to Sarraj's fragile unity government based in Tripoli, but gave Haftar no role in Libya's future.

He said they want it made clear that the presidency council — which Serraj heads — will change, and that it will amend a United Nations -brokered deal that saw it maintaining command of the armed forces under its mandate.

However, Sarraj waited at his hotel all day and Saleh did likewise at another while Egyptian officials at the intelligence headquarters tried unsuccessfully to pressurise Haftar to compromise on the proposals.

ANSA sources at the Cairo airport as well as the Libya Herald said that Sarraj has left Cairo.

But Sarraj said the talks had "failed".

Al-Sirraj returned to Libya after failing to meet with Haftar or Aqilah Saleh, who both rejected having a meeting with him and listening to his initiative that aims at ending the Libyan crisis.

Other reports on the discord between the two authorities revealed that Haftar refused to accept Serraj's plan for a three-man presidency, a separate government, the position of commander-in-chief to be held jointly by the heads of the Presidency Council, the HoR and the State Council and a supreme military council, where the field marshal would participate.



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