Levee breech forcing evacuations in San Joaquin County halted

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The breach was discovered in a levee near the town of Manteca in San Joaquin County, south of Stockton. But the evacuation order was still in place Tuesday morning.

For days on end, the CCC had been just a couple minutes away from the levee breach, reinforcing a different mile and a half long stretch of levee with sandbags in a process known as wave protection, proving that the damage created by the winter's historic storm systems was both very hard to predict and to prepare for.

Residents can stay up to date by checking the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Service's website.

Considering how much higher the water promised to rise in the storm system, some wondered how long it would be before water topped a local levee.

Residents in the area bordered by Woodward Avenue on the north, Union Road on the east to Avenue D and Airport Way were told to evacuate.

Levee breech forcing evacuations in San Joaquin County halted

An evacuation center has been set up at the Lathrop Community Center at 15552 5th Street in Lathrop.

And while the patch may have held the levee from breaking completely open Monday night, it's about to get a whole new opponent when water being discharged from Don Pedro Reservoir flows into the San Joaquin River sometime this afternoon.

As of late Monday night, crews were able to stop the water from flowing through.

That fresh influx of water, which is expected to continue for four consecutive days, is expected to raise the San Joaquin River at Vernalis to nearly 32 feet by Thursday.



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