India test fires interceptor missile off Odisha coast

AAD interceptor missile on the launch pad. | Express

India successfully test fired its first interceptor missile "PDV Mission" from Abdul Kalam Island, state Odisha on Friday.

Developed by DRDO, the 7.5-metre tall interceptor is a single stage solid rocket propelled guided missile equipped with an inertial navigation system that has the capacity to destroy a missile in the endo-atmospheric region at a low altitude of less than 30 km.

The fully automated system consists of a network of sensors, computers and launchers, created to intercept hostile ballistic missiles, possibly carrying nuclear weapons and destroy them before they can cause any damage.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday lauded the successful test of interceptor missile and used the occasion to take a dig at opponents, saying they would now have to travel "very high" if they want proof of it. Addressing an election rally here, Modi congratulated the scientists for developing the defence system. Last month, you must have heard the news of Pakistan developing a missile that can destroy the Andaman Islands. Notably, the incoming ballistic missile has velocity many times more than the speed of a bullet and a direct hit is like striking a bullet with another bullet.

The operated was automated and a radar based detection and tracking system successfully detected and tracked the enemy's ballistic missile.


Once the missile crossed the atmosphere, the Heat Shield ejected and the IR Seeker dome opened to look at the Target location as designated by the Mission Computer.

"The test conducted to validate various parameters of the interceptor in flight mode has been successful", he added. Everything was monitored by the Telemetry/Range Stations at various other locations in real-time.



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