Here's How Pokemon Go Is Celebrating Pokemon Day

Pokemon Go developer Niantic is already teasing the next big in-game event, just hours after the Pokemon Day update went live. This is based on a pattern that has emerged with event rewards.

If the next Pokemon Go event does take place before Easter, then perhaps Niantic will do something for St Patrick's Day, or maybe even Mother's Day. This is quite a fantastic news for the players worldwide.

Ninatic Labs recently announced that they will launch a Limited time Pokémon Day Event soon. From February 26 at 9 pm to March 6 at 9 pm (UKST). The reason behind this rare decorated Pikachu is to celebrate February 27, which is otherwise known as Pokemon Day, the day in 1996 that the Pokemon games were first launched in Japan. There's a day to celebrate ice cream as well as coffee.

Much like the Santa Pikachus that appeared over Christmas, Pokemon Go will be host to Pikachus in Party hats from today till 6 March!

"The Pikachu you catch during that time will keep its party hat forever, so be sure to look for this special Pikachu during its short time in the wild".

Moreover, there are also players that have encountered odd glitches where the "Pokemon Go" app doesn't up appropriately showing no icons in the mid-screen of the app.

"Pokemon Go" 1.27.3 and 0.57.3 for iOS and Android versions have been released by Niantic fixing some glitches that users have been experiencing over the past few weeks.

Along with this mega Pokemon event, the players will have big promotions such as Pokemon Shuffle as well. February 27 will be dedicated to celebrating the wonderfulness of Pokemon around the world. Players can also transfer their shiny Pokemon but they will be getting a warning message (this warning message was never available earlier) before they try to swap their Shiny Pokemon for the sweets.

This is an especially welcome move when you consider the chances of encountering them are thought to be just 1 in 8192.



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