GOP Moves to Limit Medicaid Spending in Obamacare Repeal Measure

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin listens at right as President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting on the Federal budget Wednesday Feb. 22 2017 in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington

Jordan said the GOP-led Congress should "put on President Trump's desk the exact same plan we put on President Obama's desk just a year and a half ago".

After being heckled by liberal activists and constituents back home last week, Republican lawmakers return Monday to Washington facing a grim situation: Obamacare is more popular than ever, and unity within their own ranks is proving elusive.

Speaking after he and several other members of the National Governors Association met with Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and other members of Trump's administration, Snyder spoke about the 2010 health care reform law in what may be his toughest rhetoric to date, saying "it hasn't worked" and that insurance access markets are "collapsing".

Former Congressional Speaker of the House John Boehner attended a Healthcare Conference in Orlando over the weekend. Possible topics include the proposed wall along the southern USA border; repealing and replacing Obamacare; tax and regulatory reform; and job creation. "Health care will go up very, very substantially". States would be allowed to set up high-risk insurance pools for people with health conditions that require costly medical services or assist people with high copayments and premiums.

Robert Laszewski, a health care policy consultant in Alexandria, Virginia, said Republican leaders have "their work cut out for them" in fashioning a plan that suits every faction of their party and can attract eight Senate Democrats, whose votes will be needed to fully repeal and replace the law.

"It's no wonder Republicans are getting an earful back home from constituents who want them to turn back from their unsafe plan to make America sick again", said Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat.

"The Republican bill raises families' costs, weakens coverage, and pushes millions of Americans off of health coverage of any kind", Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in a statement.

Oh, and older people who are wealthy, since they will now get disproportionately large tax breaks when before their insurance was likely unsubsidized due to their income.

The draft replaces the ACA's subsidies with an age-adjusted tax credit that would total $2,000 for individuals under 30 and $4,000 for those over 60.



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