EU, Canada tout new trade deal as a model of progressive cooperation

"With President Trump in the White House we see a clear change in United States policy", said Marietje Schaake of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats who backed the deal in the European Parliament.

"Now, we live in a time when many people are anxious that the current system only benefits society's luckiest few".

Speaking at a press conference, the Canadian leader said people must be convinced that "Trade is not a zero-sum game but that it rather benefits both sides".

Mr Trudeau said: "Some people are anxious that the current system only benefits society's narrow elite - and their concern is valid". With 408 members of Parliament voting in favour and 254 against (33 abstentions) the 1598-page thick deal can become provisionally effective as early as April.

"This vote for a unilateral, regional measure simply risks polarising debate among IMO Member States which have already agreed to develop a strategy for reducing shipping's Carbon dioxide emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change". said ICS Director of Policy & External Relations, Simon Bennett.

The vote for a major trade agreement comes at a time when populist parties in Europe and Trump in the USA have been looking increasingly inwards, thwarting a trade deal with Pacific countries and floating the idea of tariffs on imports.

Trudeau's speech will come one day after the European Parliament votes on whether to ratify the Canada-EU deal - and as Britain considers how it will implement the results of the Brexit vote to pull that country out of the European Common Market.

"What we see in Europe, what we see on this side of the Atlantic, is a growing concern among people - and some call it "fear" - that opening borders might be risky for you", Wnendt said. Under the accord, Canada would open up its government tenders to European Union firms more than with any of its other trading partners, both at federal and municipal levels.

"Canada is the most European country outside of Europe, especially under the liberal government of Prime Minister Trudeau". Germany's ambassador to Canada, Werner Wnendt, said Trudeau's message of promoting trade and helping the middle class should be well-received.

The agreement will eliminate roughly 98 percent of the tariffs between Canada and the EU.

"Make no mistake about it, this is an important moment", he said. "CETA is risky for public services, weakens the rule of law and is not good enough for workers and the environment".

It also said for the European Union, it is a first trade pact with a G7 country and a success at a time when the bloc's credibility has taken a beating from Britain's 2016 vote to leave the grouping. We believe in human rights.

Independent MEP Luke Ming Flanagan pointed out that the European Parliament's Employment Committee is against CETA and he told MEPs that Mr Kelly came from a party whose leader who is "openly a liar".

On Friday, he'll be in Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who wasn't shy about reminding Trump the day after his surprise victory that Germany and the US were "bound" by common values and that she looked forward to working with him on that basis.



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