EPA employees call on senators to reject Trump EPA pick

The Oklahoma attorney general's office will have until Tuesday to turn over as many as 3,000 documents related to U.S. EPA administrator nominee Scott Pruitt's communications with oil, gas and coal groups, a state district judge ruled this afternoon.

CMD has sought correspondences between Pruitt's office and Koch Industries, other mining and drilling companies, and the Republican Attorneys General Association, which Pruitt chaired.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., rejected Democrats' request to postpone votes on Pruitt's nomination.

The Democrats cited ongoing litigation to obtain access to emails between Pruitt's office and fossil fuel industries.

In a written statement, Collins stated that after meeting with Pruitt and reviewing testimony from his confirmation hearing, she has made a decision to oppose his confirmation.

Carper said Democrats have no "predetermined expectations", and that they're simply looking for more information about Pruitt's time as attorney general.

During his time as attorney general, however, Mr. Pruitt has focused on environmental matters. The Environmental Defense Fund says Pruitt has joined with corporate energy interests in 14 lawsuits against EPA clean air and water protections to limit pollutants that are linked to children's asthma, brain development, and other severe health risks.

Democratic Sen. Tom Carper of DE gave an uncharacteristically impassioned speech lambasting Pruitt, saying he is a threat to the environment and a global warming skeptic. Some at the EPA are reportedly turning to the app to speak out confidentially against current administration policy on the environment. "Mr. Pruitt can not be trusted to protect America's water resources", the letter added.

"I rise today to express my strong opposition to President Trump's nomination of Scott Pruitt", Warren said at the outset of her speech. "The Trump administration poses a real threat to clean air and water, and we expect her to join in us for the long haul as we resist Trump's unsafe, pro-polluting agenda". "We received just a small number of emails in response; it's very clear to us that many emails, in fact thousands of emails, have been held back". It was a signal that Pruitt should sail through on a final vote scheduled for Friday, despite being opposed by Maine Sen.



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