Ed Sheeran Releases New Song 'How Would You Feel' on His Birthday

Describing the track - How Would You Feel (Paean) - as one of his favourites, he admitted he had to work fast to fit it into his upcoming album after discovering it hidden in his girlfriend's email inbox.

While the first two releases off his third record smashed the charts with their upbeat vibe, his new song is a stripped back ballad which he performs on acoustic guitar.

Ed Sheeran has delighted fans on his birthday by delivering a present to them in the shape of a brand new track.

Sheeran broke the news on Twitter earlier this week, posting "New song coming Friday, look out for it" on February 14, then, "How Would You Feel (Paen) comes out tomorrow at midnight wherever you are in the world, its not the next single, but is one of my favzzzzz" on February 15.

The track begins with a sweet message to his love: "You are the one, girl / And you know that it's true / I'm feeling younger / Every time that I'm alone with you", before he tells of the time they spent "sitting in a parked vehicle, stealing kisses in a front yard".

As the title suggests, the romantic song is an ode to both love and a lover, with Sheeran crooning, "How would you feel.If I told you I loved you?.it's just something that I want to do.Taking my time.Spending my life falling deeper in love with you".

Ed's album, Divide, is set to be released on March 3.



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