Cowboys' QB Tony Romo expecting to be released

Tony Romo might wear a different jersey soon.

Backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo and his wife Candice are pregnant with a their third bundle of joy!

Werder adds that Romo expects to be an National Football League starter for two to three more seasons. Most thought it was a foregone conclusion that Romo would be traded - likely to Denver - but it appears Dallas feels it might not get much in return.

Not a day goes by that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo does not make the sports news headlines. Injuries cost him 12 games in the 2015 season and more than half of the 2016 season. Denver's offensive line struggled to open running lanes on the ground or give Siemian a clean pocket, and the loss of starting running back C.J. Anderson to a season-ending injury surely didn't help their chances.

If Romo does hit the market, he'll instantly become the top signal-caller available and several ideal destinations will be open to him. He didn't spend much time on the field, but he did lead the Cowboys to a touchdown, and he capped off that TD drive with a pass to Williams for a score.

If released, Romo would be leaving Dallas as the Cowboys' all-time leader in passing yards (34,183), better than Hall of Famers Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. There is no doubt that Tony Romo can ball.

Speaking of a great team in desperate need of quarterback production, the Broncos are exactly that. Some Cowboys fans would undoubtedly like to see Romo do well, which makes everything even better.

Romo will nearly certainly find a home as a starter somewhere, but teams don't seem to be lining up to throw high draft picks a the Cowboys.

In the event of a June 1 release (allowing Romo to retire or to cut his own deal elsewhere), the $19.6 million of cap obligation can be split between 2017 and 2018.



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