Conor Kennedy Strikes Plea Deal for Aspen Arrest

Conor Kennedy isn't going to jail

According to a police report, Conor, the 22-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, was arrested on local charges of disorderly conduct related to a scrap while outside a nightclub in Aspen.

Kennedy reprimanded a group of four men and asked them to apologize to his friend after they were heard making homophobic comments.

A court spokesperson told the magazine that the environmental activist received a six-month deferred sentence.

The arrest will be wiped from Conor's criminal record if he stays out of trouble and abstains from drugs and alcohol for the next six months, but if he violates the conditions he could face jail time.

Kennedy's case was treated the same as any other disorderly conduct case and he did not receive special treatment, Bryan said.

Police say Kennedy and another man were fighting in the street December 29, and officers reported seeing Kennedy punch the man in the head four or five times. The duo spent a bunch of time with the Kennedy fam in Cape Cod, and Taylor even bought a house in the area, which she often uses to host her ~epic~ Fourth of July parties. "I'm happy he stood up for his friend".



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