Complete Super Bowl 52 odds: Patriots open as favorites to win again

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski

The 2016-2017 National Football League season is over with last night's New England Patriots comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl LI.

It should come as no surprise that the New England Patriots have the best odds at +600, per Odds Shark. The Patriots were easily installed as the favorites at 7/1, while the Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, and Green Bay Packers, all NFC teams, were tied with the second-best set of odds at 12/1. However, an epic comeback that may turn out to be the greatest in sports history allowed them to register a 34-28 overtime victory over the heartbroken Atlanta Falcons and capture the fifth Super Bowl title in team history. However, it may be too much for this team to get past this painful defeat.

And despite all the unknowns, Vegas likes the 2017 Broncos.

Boston MA- 2/7/2017- New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski shoot a beer into his mouth during the New England Patriots Super Bowl Parade in Boston MA
Keith Bedford Globe Staff Gronkowski shot a beer into his mouth after someone tossed it at him

The Pats start off as favorites because they reside in a division they continue to dominate.

The Buffalo Bills have 80/1 odds, according to the website.

It looks like we have a cnadidate to lead SHOUT at the home opener on September 8th, as it would be the night after New England opens the 2017 National Football League season at home. He's a party animal who lives a life of his own, but when it comes to business he's always the first to praise Tom Brady and the way the Patriots do things.



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