CNN's Tapper Tells Trump to 'Stop Whining'

"They're false, they're crackpot, they're nonsense".

The ex-National Security Adviser reportedly lied to Vice President Mike Pence about his communications with Russian Federation for a phone call that took place in December; and yet, the Washington Post reported that then-acting attorney general Sally Yates had warned the White House of Flynn's conversations on sanctions with Russian Federation, and his lack of disclosure to Pence back in January.

That could explain why Trump's so determined to stick it to the media. What's really going on, here? Flynn's resignation came about after increasingly strident questions arose about whether he negotiated on sanctions with Russian Federation before Trump's inauguration-and when Flynn was, thus, just a normal American citizen-and how much he informed Vice-President Mike Pence and the rest of the administration about those talks. "You would think this is very hard to assess in a positive way". "As I call it, the fake media in many cases". But while Press Secretary Sean Spicer cited a breakdown in trust between the president and Flynn, the president himself had another answer. Maybe a bigger maybe.

Following a truly remarkable press conference by President Donald Trump, CNN's Jake Tapper weighed in on what we had all witnessed.

"The media, of course, did not fire General Flynn".

"Nobody cares about the ratings of CNN", Tapper said.

Tapper then turned to Trump's contentious exchange with NBC reporter Peter Alexander over what the president inaccurately claims to be an historic victory in the electoral college.

"President Trump, if you're watching, you legitimately won the presidency", he exclaimed. They became public because the media reported on them-which is also how Vice President Pence found out he was lied to.

"The fake news media is going insane with their conspiracy theories and blind hatred", he tweeted, adding CNN and MSNBC are "unwatchable".

These are news stories.

Conspiracy theories are different, Tapper said, giving clear examples.

Current and former USA officials told the New York Times they had seen no evidence of collusion in regards to the hacking of Democratic organizations or the presidential race a year ago.

Tapper goes on to illustrate the utter and blatant hypocrisy of the president, since he didn't seem to have a problem with leaks when they were about Hillary Clinton's emails.

Tapper would later say that he hoped that the president would talk about things that Americans actually cared about.



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