Chris Christie Says Trump Immigration Order Rollout Was 'Terrible'

Everyone Hates Chris Christie

"Perhaps the public would favor a greater role for government in helping those with drug and alcohol addictions if government was evaluated more positively", said Jenkins. "But it should be based, in my view, on intelligence, not on generalizations", said Christie. I think that's what caused a lot of the mistakes that were made.

The New Jersey governor also said he believed green card holders already go through "extreme vetting", according to a transcript posted by NJ 101.5 statehouse reporter Michael Symons.

"It was simply another taxpayer-funded Christie boondoggle, created to divert attention from his many political woes", NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer said. So-called adjustment aid - allotted to districts in 2008 to ensure they didn't receive less than before the passage of the new formula - has been targeted recently by Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D., Gloucester), who is calling for phasing out the aid and giving more funding to growing school districts.

Christie - taking questions from reporters for the first time in nearly five months, after a substance-abuse related announcement in Newark - said decisions about homeland security should be based on specific facts. "Because the rollout was done so inartfully and ineffectively, it allowed those who oppose his perspective on this to mischaracterize what the order really said".

"The president deserved much better", Christie said, suggesting staff was to blame for "unacceptable" mistakes. "We know that's not what this is, and he's backed off significantly from that from that position he had during the campaign", Christie said. "I think anybody who looks at it objectively knows that wasn't the way it should have happened". He said Trump deserves to be better served by his advisers.

The New Jersey Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, cheered the Supreme Court's decision and dismissed Christie's case as a political Hail Mary. He said he would be meeting with Porrino on other topics later Wednesday and anticipated that the topic would come up.

Some officials said they had not been consulted or informed about the orders until they were signed.

Chris Christie filed a motion asking the court to let the commissioner of education override teacher contract provisions in the Abbott districts when the commissioner determines they "impede the delivery of a thorough and efficient education". "Gosh you know one of the things that I think is just kind of amusing to watch is just how intense the coverage has been in the first 10 or 11 days".

Trump's order has elicited a strong backlash, mostly from Democrats but also from some Republicans.

There are now no such treatment beds in Cape May, Salem and Warren counties, the state's three least-populous counties.



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