Bill Belichick: Great champions get off the mat and win

Bill Belichick: Great champions get off the mat and win

"We're going to have to work with them in some form or fashion like every team in the league does".

Has there ever been a more quintessential Belichick answer? I just have to give it all I have and try to be as ideal as I can be, so I can try to win a Super Bowl ring. Add to the fact that the Falcons defense is good, albeit young, and you have the recipe for a team that can definitely win it all on Sunday.

More than anything, Belichick's comment is a reflection on how he operates as a head coach and as a football cyborg/possible human: he is relentless in his effort and his preparation and how he approaches each NFL season. After discussing their disagreements and producing a handful draft pick trades, the New York Jets released Belichick. They're about to be crystalized in a Super Bowl ring he helped earn by proving to be a little more than a lost cause. White scored 20 points (3 TD, 1 2-pt conversion), a Super Bowl record.

Still, whether we're talking about the Bengals or nearly any other NFL team, the New England Patriots seem to have the professional football system down to a science.

While the comeback was highly irregular and quite fantastic to watch, the entirety of the game just wasn't as exciting as, say Super Bowl 49 between the Seahawks and Patriots or either of the Patriots-Giants Super Bowls.

Everything about Quinn trading with his former organization is natural and logical - except for the outcomes, for him and so many else who have tried to snag something of value from New England. Tom Brady has established himself as an all-time great during his time with the Pats, and with a fifth win on Sunday, he would become the only quarterback in National Football League history to win five Super Bowls.

The Atlanta Falcons have many of those, such as Julio Jones.

The Patriots' Super Bowl parade hasn't even occurred, and Belichick is already rattling off months - something he does with frequency, actually - in 2017. He scooped up a 2014 second-round linebacker in Kyle Van Noy who was so misplaced that first-year general manager Bob Quinn was happy just to move from the seventh round to the sixth in the upcoming draft in order to be done with him. Moss gave the Patriots three seasons with 3,765 receiving yards and 47 touchdowns. Try focusing on one Falcon, and the other five weapons they have on the offense will gash you.

"One of the things coach Parcells said that always stuck with me is in boxing, the mark of a great champion is the one who can get up off the mat and win". So I said, 'You gotta win this one for mom.' And I was thinking about that in the second half with the score where it was.



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