AT&T officially joins unlimited-data plan party

Sprint, the fourth largest carrier in America, announced on Thursday a new "Unlimited Freedom" plan that matches Verizon and T-Mobile's and costs less. While it hasn't happened yet, Instinet Analyst Jeffrey Kvaal noted AT&T - which now offers unlimited only to DirecTV subscribers - will also likely give its unlimited offering a boost with a roll out to the wider base. The new plan offers numerous same benefits as T-Mobile and Verizon's new plans, with relatively few caveats, at a somewhat lower price that turns into roughly half off - if you go for a four-line family plan. The only carrier that includes taxes and fees in is T-Mobile.

As we've written before, there's no such thing as truly unlimited data.

Sprint is also matching Verizon's iPhone giveaway with its own offer of a free 18-month iPhone lease with a ported number and trade in of an iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung GS7, GS7 edge, GS6, GS6 edge, Note 5, LG V20, G5, or Moto Droid 2.

We should point out that in order to secure the price of $22.50 per line, you will need to activate a total of four lines.

AT&T actually brought back an unlimited plan months earlier than Sprint and T-mobile, but limited it to subscribers of its DirecTV or U-verse pay video services. After that date, prices will go up to $60 per month for line one, $40 per month for line two, and $30 per month for each additional line.

Customers pay $100 for one line up to $180 for four lines. That plan is now the only one T-Mobile offers new postpaid phone customers. This applies to varying degrees with other carriers as well, of course.



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