After exciting disruptions, David Friedman hearing is a walk in the park

The proposition was made during a meeting held in France’s Strasbourg city

David Friedman, a staunch Israel ally and critic of liberal Jews, said during his Senate confirmation hearing he has concerns about Palestinians' "unwillingness" to renounce terror and recognize a Jewish state. Trump said he would not require Israel to pursue a so-called two-state solution with the Palestinians, in a moment that symbolically marks the funeral of what has for decades been considered the standard model to resolve the conflict.

"They are not reflective of my nature or my character", Friedman said Thursday. "From my perspective, the inflammatory rhetoric used during the election campaign is entirely over and you should expect my comments to be respectful from now on". "There is no excuse".

"I'm just curious about this job and its importance to you to be willing to recant every single strongly held belief that you have", added Corker, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. "These were hurtful words and I deeply regret them".

"I thought for a while the two-state looked like it may be the easier of the two".

Democratic senators also raked Friedman over the coals Thursday for calling former President Barack Obama an anti-Semite and calling Sen. He said he will not campaign, support or advocate for Israel's annexation of the West Bank, which has always been considered the future home of a Palestinian state. He also noted, however, that he would not support a one-state solution if that meant pushing Palestinians off their land or depriving them of equal rights. "American Jews are against this man and stand for freedom and dignity for all", said one of the protesters.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) acknowledged that Friedman has said things he did not agree with but said he backed the nominee as qualified, experienced and passionate.

The hearing came a day after Trump refused to endorse explicitly a two-state solution, a break from US foreign policy since 2002.

"If Israel is to carry on as a democratic, Jewish nation, respected internationally, we see no alternative to a two-state solution, "they pointed out".

Moreover, Friedman has called liberal Jews who support the two-state solution "worse than kapos" - referring to Jews who were forced into turning in other Jews to Nazi death camps. Senator Marco Rubio took Friedman's side, vociferously, and attacked J Street, saying it smears its opponents.

"Based on the comments yesterday, we can't say for sure if the U.S. supports the two-state solution", Ben-Avi continued."The clean-up of that is all well and good but who knows what he's going to say tomorrow".

Asked whether he supported or would advocate annexation of all or parts of the West Bank, Friedman replied, "I will not".

He said that the groundwork for such an accord was reached at the 1993 Oslo talks between Israel's then prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Outside the Jewish community, he has suggested that "disloyal" Palestinian citizens of Israel should be stripped of their citizenship.

Such views are unprecedented for USA ambassadors to Israel, who in the past, whether from Republican or Democratic administrations, have avoided travel to settlements. "I hope there's a new generation of Palestinians that wants what everyone wants, a better life for themselves and their children", he said, saying the United States should help foster that and draw out that nascent leadership.



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