There's going to be a major nominations twist on CBB tonight

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The best part about this for us is that they will have to choose that person face to face.

Eh, first off, if the roles had been reversed there, the offender probably would have been removed from the house on the spot, and considering how much flack Chloe's Geordie Shore co-star Marnie got previous year for flashing at Loose Women's Saira Khan, she should really have known better.

Chloe's exit from the house came as a bit of a shock, especially as Kim Woodburn and Jedward were facing the public vote alongside her.

The Geordie Shore star left viewers horrified when she made a decision to lift up her towel and back into John as he perfected his signature quiff in the bathroom of the house.

Elsewhere, other Twitter accounts said "it's clearly a sexual assault" and 'Chloe Ferry is an embarrassment'.

You saw the whole Chloe performing a lapdance for Jedward and her awkward attempt to get up close and personal with Calum didn't you? First one was over his mum [Angie] when she had to turn the egg-timers late at night - and he flipped at me about that. You're a lovely young girl and I enjoyed your company tonight.

Channel 5
Channel 5

"It wasn't just once so I knew at that point he loved me, but I think I messed it up by kicking the chair".

And her behaviour did not go unnoticed by the housemates at large, with American singer Stacy Francis reviewing the action with Calum in the bathroom.

Following the argument, Nicola went to the Diary Room to vent about Kim, and to say how pleased she is that the peroxide blonde star has turned her attention to Spencer Pratt. I want Jess to win.

"I think there's another side to him. He was the only boy to flirt with!"

As they have been cursed with eternal nominations, Speidi can not be put up for eviction by the other housemates.



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