Suspended MH370 search could resume in future, says Australian government

Suspended MH370 search could resume in future, says Australian government

Australia, Malaysia and China flagged in July that the search would be suspended this month if no credible new evidence was found. Almost two-thirds of the 239 people on board Flight 370 were Chinese.

Three years ago, angry Chinese families had marched through the streets of Beijing, entered into scuffles with airlines members, and raised slogans against alleged lack of transparency in sharing information on the sequence of events. "If they can't find anything, then they can suspend it", he stressed.

Several of the attendees were crying, and shouting could be heard from outside the meeting.

More recently, attention has turned to Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the flight's pilot, whose home flight simulator included a flight route plotted to the southern Indian Ocean weeks before MH370 vanished. "But when nothing was found, they just planned to end up with nothing definite", she told HT. "We just want them to give us more information". They were so cocksure it was there but after three years and so much money and manpower poured in, what came out of it?

But it seems that authority and power in Malaysia don't answer such questions, and appear to have taken the view that the only narrative that applies is the one they offer, with all its vaguenesses and inconsistencies.

Chandrika Sharma was one of the 239 people aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 when it crashed in March 2014.

Three pieces of the missing plane found off the coast of Africa have been confirmed as coming from MH370, using specific identification numbers.

"The decision to suspend the underwater search has not been taken lightly nor without sadness", Malaysian, Australian and Chinese authorities said in the statement.

"If money is a concern, prioritise within this area and our repeated appeal that Malaysia search to a wider audience for funding has been ignored". The detailed sonar mapping of the 120,000 square kilometers seabed will be released soon by the National geoscience agency Geoscience Australia according to ABC News. Some of the relatives of the MH370 victims had said that they are exhausted of waiting and made a decision to take matter into their own hands.

Hua declined to comment on the search operation itself. They did their best, with global expertise and cutting-edge technology, but the ocean is a big place. Search authorities said they believe that the plane continued to fly for more than six hours after contact was lost.

April 8, 2014: An Australian ship towing a US Navy listening device hears two signals consistent with Flight 370's flight recorders west of Australia.

Chester said he was "hopeful that we will have a breakthrough in the future".

Next of kin reportedly were notified of the search's suspension.

Distraught relatives have criticised authorities for calling off the search for the Malaysia Airlines plane yesterday, less than a month after global experts identified a new area they believed contained the aircraft.

Li Xinmao, whose daughter and son-in-law were on the flight heading to Beijing, called Tuesday's announcement "unacceptable".

Malaysia holds ultimate responsibility given Malaysia Airlines is registered there.

"We share their deep disappointment that the plane has not been found", he said.

Many Chinese relatives have always been frustrated with the investigation and what they said was a lack of credible information, at one point marching to the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing.



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