SBI issues Rs 2000 without Gandhi's image

SBI issues Rs 2000 without Gandhi's image

"It is not fake currency, it is a misprint", SBI officer RK Jain said, according to ANI report.

The farmers were told that the missing Gandhi image was because of a "printing error". The farmer was left flabbergasted even as the bank official has clarified that the notes were not fake currency.

In a freakish incident, a farmer in Sheopur of Madhya Pradesh has received Rs 2000 notes from a State Bank of India branch without Mahatma Gandhi's image imprinted on it.

Many bank officials and police source have also informed that many such defective yet genuine notes are in circulation in the district, reports TOI. It was only when he went to market that he was alerted by another farmer who had two similar notes. "They were taken back as soon as it (the error) was detected", ET quoted Sheopur district manager of SBI, Akash Shrivastav as saying.

MP farmers get ₹2,000 notes in which Mahatma Gandhi's is picture missing.

"The incident took place at Shivpuri Road branch of SBI". However, every note that the Reserve Bank of India issues will have Mahatma Gandhi's portrait printed on it. Initially, the series was introduced in Rs 10 and Rs 500 rupee banknotes.



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