Pistol-packing granny faces armed intruder in Texas home

Pistol-packing granny faces armed intruder in Texas home

Texan Rebbie Roberson, 74, was shocked to see the man standing in her house wearing a mask and gloves. I had to walk right out in front of him. She followed him, firing her weapon. If anybody breaks in on me I'm going to kill them.

Roberson managed to get to her.38 revolver, which was sitting on a nearby table, and pointed it at the suspect.

"I reached over there and grabbed this gun", she told KSLA.

The 74-year-old said that she went to go get her gun, which was lying on her dining room table, Bowie County Chief Deputy Jeff Neal told the Daily News.

As for the would-be bandit, he's still on the run.

Investigators said they have no problem with the pistol-packing grandma's actions. "He going to kill me or I'm going to kill him". "Every citizen, according to the Texas penal code, has the right to defend themselves and their family", according to KSLA.

The Bowie County Sheriff's Department stressed that Roberson was acting within her rights when she opened fire.

Police still haven't tracked down the armed home intruder, but we're going to bet he'll remember the day he survived the wrath of Rebbie Roberson.



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