Patriots quarterback Brady baffled by Trump questions

Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl LI

It's the AFC Championship Game, and the victor gets a trophy that it really doesn't want and a chance to play for the trophy everybody in this sport wants. By contrast, the Patriots had 11 possessions, and they scored on seven of those, with two others being virtual run-out-the-clock situations at the end of each half.

"Hats off to the Patriots", cornerback William Gay said.

"They come in and grind it out, spend hours and hours preparing and then go out there and lay it on the line every week". "I'm just happy for our team". I will either be falling asleep on the couch at the end of leaving a noisy party thinking more about the commercials than the actual play on the field.

Hogan gained some fame in 2012 on HBO's "Hard Knocks" while with Miami in 2012, when he was nicknamed "7-Eleven" by teammate Reggie Bush because he was "always open".

"We have to learn from this and see where we can get better - especially against them".

If you want to know how unexpected it is for the Atlanta Falcons to be one of the two National Football League teams still standing at this point of the season, Las Vegas has you covered. One of the big highlights of the night was a second quarter 34-yard flea flicker from Dion Lewis to Brady to Hogan.

That was a big departure for the Steelers defense, which had been doing a good job of limiting the number of long pass plays in their nine-game winning streak. They also became the winningest tandem in postseason history.

"It was tough all game", Cockrell said.

Of Bell, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said the Steelers "missed not having him out there".

It looked like Ryan's day from the opening drive, when he completed 6 of 8 pass attempts for 64 yards and a two-yard touchdown to Mohamad Sanu. Sound familiar? It should.

Coach Mike Tomlin said the loss of Bell changed strategy.

The Patriots will play in their seventh Super Bowl since 2001. "The receivers were able to create separation when Tom has that much time to throw".

The win gave the Falcons their second conference championship since 1998, when they went on to lose Super Bowl XXXIII (33) to the Denver Broncos.

Once again, Brady stood in their way.

Brady has averaged almost 300 yards (298) per contest against the Falcons, and even more impressively, he has only thrown one interception in those four games.



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