Obama Says The Darndest Things To Trump In Latest 'Bad Lip Reading'

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The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has gained notoriety as on of YouTube's most popular places to watch parodies of videos ranging from the National Football League to pop-culture.

If you watched the inauguration last week, you no doubt spent long periods of time watching shots of Trump, his family, the Obamas, and other ceremony attendees interacting up on stage, but with no sound. Trump says to his wife in the amusing dub.

Michelle to George W. Bush: "Are you wearing a big boy shirt?"

Trump to Melania, at the cringe-worthy inaugural dance: "I'm also going to need you to scrape my bunions".

Source   YouTube
Source YouTube

Bad Lip Reading is most famous for its National Football League videos as well as its take on political debates and popular movies.

From his egotistical speech in front of a memorial at Central Intelligence Agency headquarters to restricting reproductive rights and signing off on the Dakota Access pipeline, Donald Trump's managed to rouse up a lot of anger.

"You're bad company", Obama says, which is probably literally true.

It's got Obama calling Trump a creep. "Now's your chance, call it off". "I'm important", he says as he shakes the hands of onlookers.



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