Nate Diaz applying for boxing license in Nevada

In a move that smacks of "anything you can do, I can do better", Nate Diaz has, like his foe Conor McGregor, applied for a boxing license.

Diaz's choice comes at a time when the biggest story in MMA is the idea of McGregor facing boxing legend Floyd Mayweather. Diaz is in the middle of filing the paperwork needed to obtain the license. The UFC would obviously fight this in court, but again: the Muhammad Ali Act makes it much more likely that Diaz and McGregor would actually win any legal battle.

America's finest Who is Nate Diaz?

Diaz and his brother Nick have both expressed an interest in boxing previously. "Upon his submission of the required licensing information, we expect to approve his license as of this date", Bennett said.

With the social media build up and thrash talks between McGregor and Mayweather over their possible multi-billion dollars boxing fight, the retired pro boxer has confirmed that Nate is very keen on getting his boxing license. Diaz has paid off his fines from his infamous UFC 202 incident with McGregor and it appears he'll be granted a boxing license.

According to the same report, the UFC fighter has already submitted film of his gym's boxing sessions for review by the commission.

Floyd Mayweather, however, told that he and Diaz had spoken recently and that Diaz is unhappy with his inactivity since his last UFC fight against McGregor in August.

'When I talked to Nate Diaz, he told me (the UFC) had put him on the shelf, ' Mayweather told ESPN.

Could Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz be planning to have their third fight in a boxing ring rather than a cage?

The pair met twice in the Octagon previous year, Diaz won the first by second round submission, but the Irishman bounced back winning by a majority decision in the return fight.



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