Jill Stein launches Wisconsin recount group

Jill Stein launches Wisconsin recount group

The actual cost of the presidential election recount in Wisconsin is expected to be about $1.8 million, almost half of the estimated cost of $3.5 million.

The recount of Wisconsin's three million votes began December 1. Federal courts in Pennsylvania and MI halted Stein's attempted recounts in the states.

The largely irrelevant candidate-turned-political activist will also receive just under $600,000 in refunds from the recount efforts in MI, which were halted by a judge before they could be completed. With 70 of 72 counties reporting their final bills to the state in recent days, the Wisconsin Elections Commission says it will now end up costing the Stein campaign just over $1.8 million. Stein would be reimbursed the remaining $1.5 million.

Stein paid in full for Michigan's 7,786 precincts at a rate of $125 per precinct, according to a spokesperson for Michigan's Department of State.

Kenosha and Brown counties have not yet submitted their final costs to the state.

Stein, whose team did not return numerous requests for comment, announced that the remaining funds go towards her continued "fight for election integrity". "So essentially what we got was half a recount".

Stein reportedly forked out $3.5 million in donated cash for the recount in the Badger State, although actual costs ended up coming in at around $2 million.

She said the group's advocacy will also include fighting against voter ID laws and interstate voter registration cross-check systems that have been used to purge voter rolls in some states, implementing a voting method that allows voters to rank candidates rather than pick one and replacing the commission that oversees presidential debates with something that would be friendlier to third-party candidates.

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein said a roughly $1.5 million refund from the Wisconsin recount could go toward a new voter advocacy effort in the state. Administrative expenses, such as travel costs, cost $353,618.

Republicans have criticized Stein's efforts.



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