German family opens front door, finds brick wall

German family opens front door, finds brick wall

The night-shift worker returned home after a long day's work to find himself separated from his front door by a solid brick wall.

The man, living in Mainhausen, Hesse, in Central Germany came home from work on Tuesday morning to discover someone had built a brick wall in front of his door overnight.

"It reminded me of the building of the Berlin Wall", a police spokesman told local media.

Cops are searching for the perpetrators and say the motive for the impromptu masonry is unclear but could be a joke, revenge or a bet.

It seems the stealthy bricklayers had managed to erect the wall without attracting any attention and he had to tear it down to leave his property.

Also, on top of being unsafe for the family, Zacharias said, the act had unpleasant associations to the construction of the Berlin Wall, which went up nearly overnight in 1961 without alerting any of the city's residents.

He added that an expert could have build the wall in just a few minutes.



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