Chicago Might Need Federal Help

President-elect Donald Trump suggested that the federal government should get involved to help Chicago combat its sky-high murder rate - though he didn't provide specifics on what that would entail.

The murder rate in Chicago rose during 2016, reports the Chicago Police Department.

Asked about those criticisms, the mayor wouldn't take the bait.

Trump and Emanuel broached the topic of Chicago's surging violence during a December 7 sit-down.

The homicide rate in Chicago jumped almost 60% from 2015 but fell shy of the record set in 1996, when there were 796 murders. Lori Lightfoot, president of the Chicago Police Board, said the promotions are good, but that there should be a focus on why Chicago's caseload closure rate is so low compared to other big cities. In 2016, the Windy City witnessed 3,550 shooting incidents and 762 murders, according to historical data from the Chicago Police Department; a total that averages to more than two murders and almost 10 shootings every day. Last April, the mayor publicly touted the city's 2015 travel numbers-which passed 50 million domestic tourists for the first time-and the industry's job-growth potential.

Heavily criticized Mayor Emanuel recently cleared the funding to add 1,000 new officers to the streets.

Emanuel spokesman Adam Collins released a statement applauding that the president-elect was taking the crime issue seriously.

But the effectiveness of stop and first in NY has been disrupted and a judge ruled it the way was done there unconstitutional.

"That's what's happening", McCarthy said on the program about the city's gun violence and what he said was a feeling among many rank-and-file police officers that the department wouldn't protect them if they were accused of wrongdoing.

"I think Chicago needs stop-and-frisk", Trump said during an event in September, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago police had a similar practice of conducting hundreds of thousands of street stops.

A former chief of staff under President Obama, Emanuel has struggled to curb the extensive violence that continues to impact his city.

This, just weeks after the liberal Democratic Mayor Emanuel met with the president-elect at Trump Tower.



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