7-Year-Old Syrian Girl, Famous For Tweets, Writes Letter To Trump

7-Year-Old Syrian Girl, Famous For Tweets, Writes Letter To Trump

Through a Twitter account run by her mother, Alabed put a human face on the drama of thousands of civilians indiscriminately targeted by the Assad forces and Iran-backed militia in the five-year civil war in Syria, Turkey's southern neighbor.

But Alabed remains hopeful Trump will consider the plight of suffering Syrian children as he moves forward in his new role as president.

In November, the 7-year-old came further into the limelight when J.K. Rowling sent her e-books of the Harry Potter series to distract her from the horrors of war. I could not play in Aleppo. Only injured Syrians are allowed into Turkey, where they are provided hospital treatment, but special cases like Bana are also welcomed. I can go to school although I didn't yet.

I know you will be the president of America, so can you please save the children and people of Syria?

I lived in Syria my whole life before I left from besieged East Aleppo on December past year. That is why peace is important for everyone including you.

Turkey, who backs the Syrian rebels, is hosting some 2.7 million refugees from the conflict. They are suffering because of adult people.

Bana's mother Fatemah, speaking to dpa by phone from Turkey on Wednesday, said her daughter wrote the letter because "she wants the children of Syria to live in peace again like she is doing right now". You must do something for the children of Syria because they are like your children and deserve peace like you.

Injured children cry after two barrel bombs were dropped by forces loyal to Syria's president Bashar Assad in Aleppo on May 1, 2014, according to activists.

She added that many children in Syria do not have the luxury of freedom.

TIME magazine has reported that part of Trump's response to Syria has been to agree on joint military strikes again the Islamic State terror group with Russian Federation, something which the Obama's administration had refused to do. More than 15,000 of them were children.

The Syrian Network For Human Rights reported that almost 2,000 children were among the estimated 16,913 civilians who died in 2016 alone.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the USA president would "work with any country that shares our interest in defeating Islamic State", including "Russia or anyone else", The Guardian reported.



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